Help us, help them!

Idaho Horse Rescue’s single greatest operational cost and highest priority is feed. Neglected horses come to us hundreds of pounds underweight. Severe malnutrition takes literally months to correct if done properly by utilizing high quality hay and grain. 

As the summer season gets underway, our “Pay for the Hay” campaign will help us raise enough funds to keep our horses fed all winter long. With 14 new rescues this year alone, our herd is now at a remarkable 32 horses! Each horse consumes up to 5 tons of hay per year, so we will need to purchase about 80 tons of alfalfa, alfalfa grass mix, and grass hay by fall, which will last us until next spring. The estimated cost of the hay is about $14,000.

Any amount you can give will help feed the rescue horses at IHR this winter.

Donations are made securely with MightyCause …


The fastest way to help is to donate money. IHR constantly receives calls and emails about horses in need of rescue; many are in dire condition and need immediate care. 

Does your company have a matching funds policy for employees’ donations to charitable organizations? If so, take advantage of this option and check with your HR department!