If you suspect that horses are being abused or neglected, please notify the County Animal Control authorities immediately.  Please have a specific address/location to provide as they will not investigate without that information.  Once investigation commences, we can follow up with the authorities to make sure that the horses are safe.

SW Idaho County Animal Control contacts:

ADA 208.577.3000 JEROME 208.324.1911
CAMAS 208.764.2261 OWYHEE 208.495.1154
CANYON 208.454.7531 PAYETTE 208.642.6026
GEM 208.365.3521 TWIN FALLS  208.735.4357
GOODING 208.934.4421 WASHINGTON 208.414.2121

If you have reported your concerns to the authorities & no investigation is forthcoming; please notify us:

  • Call our office at (208) 938-2358
  • Email robert@idahohorserescue.org or admin@idahohorserescue.org

There are a few things to note when submitting information on potential abuse or neglect. We must know:

  • Your contact information, to include name, number and/or email
  • Specific address where the horse(s) are located
  • A description of why you suspect abuse or neglect
  • If you have contacted local law enforcement or not

It is enormously helpful if you are able to provide current photographs of the suspected abuse or neglect.