In 1998 Robert Bruno rescued Wapello Road, a thoroughbred racehorse mare, at the Les Bois racetrack in Boise, Idaho. She sustained injuries to her ligaments too severe to be corrected, according to her owners, and was going to be euthanized at the track that day. Robert happened to be friends with one of the jockeys and was called to intervene. Robert provided Wapello with the rest and veterinary care she needed. In a short period of time, he found that Wapello was sound enough to be a companion animal, and Robert ended up riding her for over 20 years. That incident inspired Robert to eventually start Horse Rescue Idaho, Inc. Wapello’s dramatic turnaround made Robert realize that an equine rescue organization was desperately needed in our area, thus propelling Idaho Horse Rescue into life.

In 2010 IHR became a federally recognized Non-Profit Organization. Since then we have provided rescue and refuge to over 150 horses in our area. Robert has been rescuing both wild & tame animals for as long as he can remember.  Any distressed living creature that wanders near can count on Robert’s care. He treats mice, skunks, raccoons & songbirds with the same care and safe haven he provides to horses.  His dedication to these suffering animals has transformed Idaho Horse Rescue into the organization it is today.

IHR continually receives solicitations for rescue throughout the state of Idaho. With your donation, IHR will be able to provide quality care to our rescued horses, continue to rescue and rehabilitate more horses, and prevent cruelty to horses.