We do not accept owner surrenders due to multiple resource restrictions (space, finances, time etc) however, here are some suggestions & tips for finding a new home for your horse.

• Contact local horse clubs, riding groups, lesson stables, local feed and/or tack shops. Try your breeder or the previous owners.
• Be sure to check references! Call the animal control officer where your potential buyer/adoptor lives, & do a home site inspection – at the very least – request pictures and Google the location.
• If you truly care for the health and well-being of your horse; be honest with the potential new owners; lying about your horses capabilities, or lack thereof, can land your horse in an unsuitable home which often leads to neglect or abuse.
Remember it can takes months to re-home a horse, so explore this option before you are desperate.

If your horse is safe & sound, consider giving your horse to a therapeutic riding center. Use the same careful consideration you would in choosing any home for your horse and be sure to find out what policies the organization has in place for horses who are retired or are no longer suitable for the program. Some local equine therapy programs are:

Swiftsure Ranch
Idaho Horse Therapy
Idaho Youth Ranch

There are a handful of Facebook groups** that may prove very helpful for these types of situations. Simply post a pic/bio in all of them. They each have thousands of members and are very active groups with lots of traffic. They are:

• Idaho Horse Community
• Idaho Horse Forum (for sale/trade/barter)
• Idaho Horse Lovers
• Free Horses to Good Home in Idaho
• Heads Up Idaho Horse Community

**To find & join facebook groups,

Log into facebook
Enter their group name in the facebook search bar
Open their page & post your horse
Some groups you have to click “join group”