THE PROCESS: The first step is to fill out the below form. If you qualify, our director will be in touch with you to discuss scheduling an appointment to visit the horses and to conduct a site check of where your horse will live.

THE REQUIREMENTS: Our adoption policy has the following requirements.  Please do not fill out an adoption inquiry form unless you meet these qualifications.

  • Companion Equine (another horse or donkey).  Horses are herd animals and it is best for them to have an equine companion.  In order to adopt at IHR you must already have an equine, or be adopting two.
  • At least one acre of clear cut pasture per equine with some shade available & including acceptable fencing.  For example, if you will have 3 horses, you will need at least 3 acres.
  • A 3 sided shed to block heavy winds/ bad weather
  • Must own facility/property/barn where adopted equine will be residing.  No renting, no boarding.
  • Must have trailer and truck or other means to transport equine.

Please note that unless stated otherwise, our horses have not been trained to ride.

We encourage you to fill out and submit the Adoption Inquiry form if the previous list is something you can provide!