Pony – DOB: 1996 / Gender: Mare / Breed: Mustang / Rescued: December 2015  / Adoption Fee: $500
Pony was rescued with Grandma and Honey from Melba, Idaho. She looks remarkably better since coming to us! She is beautiful but may be best suited as a pasture pal. We have been working with her, and while we can approach her and do some ground work, riding her is a challenge! Pony would need an experienced rider until she gets more miles on her. She is only adoptable with Grandma.
Grandma – DOB: 1988 / Gender: Mare / Breed: Mustang / Rescued: December 2015  / Adoptable w/Pony / Adoption Fee: $500
Grandma was rescued with Honey and pony from Melba, Idaho. These mustangs were starving and have not been handled very much. Due to Grandma’s age, she is only available for adoption as a pasture pal and with her stable mate Pony. She is losing her sight and Pony acts as her guide.