Pony – DOB: 1996 / Gender: Mare / Breed: Mustang / Rescued: December 2015  / Adoption Fee: $500
Pony was rescued with Grandma and Honey from Melba, Idaho. She looks remarkably better since coming to us! She is beautiful but may be best suited as a pasture pal. We have been working with her, and while we can approach her and do some ground work, riding her is a challenge! Pony would need an experienced rider until she gets more miles on her. She is only adoptable with Grandma.
Grandma – DOB: 1988 / Gender: Mare / Breed: Mustang / Rescued: December 2015  / Adoptable w/Pony / Adoption Fee: $500
Rescued together in 2016 from Melba, Pony and Grandma are an inseparable bonded pair of mustangs. They were separated by a fence and were each other’s only companion when we took them in. Granny had an untreated injury on her leg in which the scar tissue prevented proper healing and continued to result in cracking wounds each winter.  She also bore a permanent scar on her face from wearing a harness for 12 years. Both had severely neglected hooves.
Each horse took about 6 hours to trailer, with Robert patiently waiting until they were ready to load on their own. Grandma was so happy when she arrived at our facility and saw Pony waiting for her.  She received treatments for her leg and is now doing well.
During the winter months, no one gets  2nd helping of hay with Grandma around! She likes to wait until everyone else has eaten so she can avoid more dominant and eager herd members and then she goes behind and eats until there isn’t anything left on the ground or in the feeders.  This system has resulted in her getting plenty of food!
Pony is the more approachable of the two, she has a very sweet disposition and adores a good chest scratching.  Grandma relies on Pony for both companionship and eyesight.  You won’t find them wandering very far from one another.  Together, Grandma and Pony are considered adoptable and suited for being pasture pals.