DOB: 2007 / Breed: Thoroughbred / Gender: Gelding / Resident since: 2014

Jack the Giant, aka Gentle Jack, aka Gentleman Jack. Jack is the class clown and is always looking for someone or something to pick on! He has a permanent injury that will not allow him to be ridden, but Jack makes sure you know he is not going to let it slow him down. He is in your pocket and is always trying to be the center of attention.

IHR rescued Jack after abandonment in Jerome, Idaho. His previous owners tied him to a post and left Jack behind when they moved. Jack was injured and without food, but he found a way and was able to use the snow for water, and when spring came he ate the surrounding grass. In May, a woman visiting her son spotted Jack and recognized that something was wrong. She contacted the sheriff’s department who determined he was, in fact, abandoned. The sheriff’s department contacted Idaho Horse Rescue who rescued Jack and brought him to the ranch.He was without a name at the time, but Jack seemed fitting due to his large stature, “Jack the Giant.”

Jack’s ankle was largely swollen at the time of rescue. After receiving medical care, it was determined that Jack has end stage osteoarthritis of his left fetlock joint. He tore his medial collateral ligament previously, and with his injuries left unattended this lead to arthritis and a loss of most of the articular cartilage in the joint. The injuries to Jack ankle were pre-abandonment, and as a corrective measure his body laid down extra bone to stabilize his joint and reduce movement.

Although moving for this big guy is awkward, veterinarians agree that his injury has healed as well as it would with surgery.

Jack and Ruby have bonded and go everywhere together.  They are both very peaceful and avoid confrontation with the rest of the herd.  They can often be found in the barn eating hay in the middle of the day while the rest of the herd grazes in the pastures.

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