Famously rescued via helicopter
Gender: Gelding/ Resident since: 2017
In the winter of 2017 three horses were found abandoned on Boulder Mountain near McCall.  They were in deep snow without food or water.  One of the horses, J.D. made it far enough down the mountain to be rescued via trailer.  IHR organized a rescue team to reach the other two horses.  Unfortunately, one of them was no where to be found and most likely had perished.  The other horse, Ryat, was stuck in snow and rescued arrived to him via snowmobiles.  They sedated him and a helicopter arrived.  The rescuers secured Ryat with a harness and he was airlifted lower down the mountain where he could be trailered.
Ryat and J.D. are now permanent residents of Idaho Horse Rescue.  They  are still quite wild and are kept apart from the rest of the herd, but happily spend their days together.