In Loving Memory of Beau (aka “Grandpa”) 1983-2014

When Beau was first rescued, he was so weak from starvation he could barely walk. He had swollen knees and would stumble and fall down frequently, taking up to 20 minutes to regain strength and composure to get back onto his feet. Reportedly kept in a 12’x12′ muddy enclosure for most of his life, Beau had long untrimmed hooves, a rotten tooth, constant diarrhea, was full of parasites and worms, and had a gut full of sand.

Despite all of this, upon rescue, Beau was very gentle, very inquisitive, and was never angry. After a great deal of dental care and even more TLC, Beau spent his last days with us living to be a grand 35 years old! He will always be loved and forever missed here at the ranch. Rest in Peace, Beau.